iTomte Brand

In 1992, maybe. As a traditional Swedish, I just moved to villages in the mountain forests to chase rural life. From 1996, I started raising Angora rabbits in a small farm, and lived by selling rabbit hair. Sometimes they were extremely reluctant to shed their hair with my scissors, so my hands were often covered with band-aides. Frustration, it can take so much out of you. I decided to sell those unprofitable rabbits. However, Harry Potter magic struck me when I took a stroll along the forest way, since tomtes and forests are closely related in Scandinavian legend, an idea of a family of tomtes begun to generate in my mind. Quickly, I came back home, found some cloth and rabbit hair, began sewing and mending to make my first tomte. Since them, I continually made tomtes in the same way and putted them literally everywhere, farm, storage, bedroom, even forest. In a Swedish mind, tomtes are always awake in the moonlight; protect our farms and homes, dispel the nightmare.

Between 1998 and 2004, I gave many handmade tomtes away to my friends. Meanwhile, an opportunity appeared, many rabbit hair buyers wanted to order some in winter season. As my rabbit hair business was improved, I decided to turn tomte into a startup. This is the story about ITOMTE, as a designer and manufacturer, I devoted myself completely into tomtes later on. I attach so much love to these and they reward me luck, and my customers also enjoy their company. This is my one thing in a lifetime, and I just want to do it right. I hope that they can also bring happiness, protection and a little magic to you.

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We believe in soulful simplicity, in beauty and function, in slow living. 

We are a team of creative people and we design and sell products for Nordic home decoration. We have been operating for several years, constantly observing the growing market and expanding our offer. We strive to meet the demands of our customers putting on high quality and good design. We work mainly with designers from northern Europe. We are the exclusive distributor of the ITOMTE brand in U.S.A. 

Everything from ITOMTE has been sourced from or created in collaboration with artisans and talented makers in Scandinavia, the UK and Europe. We've been pioneering Scandi-inspired living and the relaxed way of life for several year, and we're passionate about slow living. For us, it's not just about the aesthetic but the meaning behind it.

We love beautiful interiors, there's no doubt about it. We can get completely obsessed with those adorable little tomtes, the iron wrought finish technic candle holder, or more Nordi design from ITOMTE. In many ways, the ITOMTE way of life mirrors Scandinavian living, changing with the seasons and getting back to nature as much as we can. 

In our offer we have several Swedish series tomtes family and others Nordic home decoration items like candle holders. More new northern Europe style design products are about to take off! In addition to the online store we have authorized a seller named ITOMTE INC to sell on As there are amount of fake gnomes selling, please be sure that you are purchasing from ITOMTE INC on 

We're a close-knit team, and we welcome every customer as a member of our extended family. That means picking up the phone for as many orders as possible, checking every detail and providing plenty of care, because you're one of us. 

We're here to share our philosophy with you through stylish products that bring joy and comfort to everyday life.